Signs of the Apocalypse: Virgin Territory

The weekly entertainment guide LondonNet reported last week that sex-tape celebrities Paris Hilton and Jenna Jameson will be hosting a new reality TV show, “Virgin Territory,” in which they find the last remaining virgins in America and, uh, ameliorate their condition:

The series will feature real life virgins and follow their quest to have sex for the first time. Paris and Jenna will help to educate the uninitiated contestants.

Producer Kevin Blatt said: “Paris and Jenna have been contacted about participating in the show.

“We will be unveiling giant billboards in Time Square and Los Angeles advertising for virgins to take part in the show.

“Finding virgins in New York or Los Angeles is no easy task.”

Blatt is the man who turned Paris’ homemade sex tape with ex-boyfriend Rick Solomon, which was originally leaked onto the internet, into the best selling porn DVD One Night in Paris.

One can only hope the show’s run will be shortened by a lack of candidates. Hat tip to Adam (my better half) at NoPornNorthampton, where you’ll also find a compelling post about the childhood traumas experienced by Jameson and other female porn producers who now inflict similar abuse on their female employees.  

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