Signs of the Apocalypse: Sweet Jesus!

From Saturday’s New York Daily News:

A controversial artist outraged city Catholics yesterday with plans to display a nude 6-foot chocolate Jesus during Holy Week.

Cosimo Cavallaro’s anatomically-correct candy Christ, titled “My Sweet Lord,” was made from almost 200 pounds of dark chocolate. The sculpture is to be displayed in a street-level window at the Roger Smith Hotel’s Lab Gallery on E. 47th St. starting Monday.

Read the whole story here.

Much as I’m intrigued by the idea of three of my favorite things in one place, this kind of artwork stopped being avant-garde several decades ago. From Jesus’ standpoint, the most offensive aspect of this statue is probably the waste of good chocolate in a world where millions go hungry.

On the other hand, since the statue already exists, having a congregation dismember and consume it at Easter might be a powerful way to bring home to people the reality of Christ’s sacrifice and our sinfulness. Shouting “crucify him” is nothing compared to chopping up a life-size body of Jesus, with your very own hands. Now that would be avant-garde.

One comment on “Signs of the Apocalypse: Sweet Jesus!

  1. marina says:

    sweet jesus! you’re right…and i get first dibs on where that loin cloth should have been.

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