Signs of the Apocalypse: 101 Dumbest Moments in Business

Some favorites from the CNN Money annual list of business blunders for 2006:

#16: Rising Sun Anger Release Bar

At this new watering hole in Nanjing, China, “patrons are invited to rant, curse, smash drinking glasses, and even beat workers equipped with protective gear and dressed as the target of their wrath.”

#33: Heart Attack Grill

A fine example of truth in advertising, this restaurant in Tempe, AZ offers the Quadruple Bypass Burger, “featuring 2 pounds of beef, four layers of cheese, 12 slices of bacon, and 8,000 calories.” (For those of you on a diet, the Triple Bypass is also available.)

#34: Meatcoats

Continuing the wasteful-meats theme, Antwerp’s Museum of Contemporary Art staged an exhibit by Belgian artist Jan Fabre in which all the items were made out of meat, such as a (rather stylish, actually) coat made from raw beefsteak.

#39: Putting the Gross in GDP

Greece revises its GDP upward by 25%, thanks to a bookkeeping change that “adds in the nation’s robust black-market industries such as prostitution and money laundering.” But the joke’s on them as they lose $600 million in European Union aid for poorer nations.

#51: Manual Stimulation at Honda

“Owner’s manuals in more than a million Honda vehicles list a toll-free number to help drivers reach the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Unfortunately, Honda incorrectly prints the area code as 800 rather than 888, leading callers to a recorded message in which a woman’s sultry voice encourages them to ‘call 1-800-918-TALK for just 99 cents per minute.'”
#64: Please Don’t Eat the Dragons

The Powys County Council in Wales ordered Black Mountains Smokery to change the name of its Welsh Dragon Sausages because they do not, in fact, contain dragon meat.

#69: Santa’s Got to Go

Britain’s Royal Mail releases a Christmas stamp that looks like Santa defecating into a chimney. The Church of England protests the stamp as insufficiently religious — perhaps they’d prefer baby Jesus getting his diaper changed?

And my personal favorite:

#99: Kiddie Stripper Pole

“‘Unleash the sex kitten inside … soon you’ll be flaunting it to the world and earning a fortune in Peekaboo Dance Dollars.’ – From a product listing by $75 billion British retailer Tesco, plugging the $100 Peekaboo Pole Dancing Kit – which includes an 8.5-foot chrome pole, a ‘sexy dance garter,’ and play money for stuffing into said garter – in the Toys & Games section of its website. After complaints from parent groups, Tesco decides to keep selling the item as a ‘fitness accessory’ but agrees to remove the listing from the toy section.”

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