Kristofer Koerber: “My Morals” and “Decisions”

My Morals

I smiled to myself
b/c I thought that I was a good person
for driving all that way to the ocean
to deliver those starfish back to their watery world.
I think that at least one other person
would have agreed with me.
But to the lady
and her
three dogs,
two children
and one stroller
parading down the middle of the road
I was a horrible person for driving
over 25 mph
on their road.
She corralled the dogs to the side of the road
Clutched her children close
and threw up her arms.
But I had no time to slow down and apologize
Only enough to put my window down
and give them all the finger.
I was saving lives,
couldn’t they understand?


I’ve got time in my life
to make bad decisions.
I figure I’ve got time
to sing off key
and trip over my feet when I dance.
Some time to skip out on my tab
at skeezy undertoe bars.
I’ve got some time in this life
to practice the art of intoxication,
get a degree in one night hookups
with peach legged women
who giggle between puffs of their cigarettes.
I tell myself I’ve got time
to wrestle with a hundred hangovers
and shake my fist at the stars.
There’s time enough to build my coffin
and time enough to sit in it and laugh to myself

About all the good I’ve done.

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