J.T. Milford: “The Dream Pond”

Sitting on the marshy bank
with maiden cane and water hyacinths
I watch a yellow leaf float
in aimless circles
of stillness
a summer-like stillness

And feel a sudden wind
that moves ripples
across the water
near a willow
a brown-green willow

And without apparent cause, it stops

As I gaze across the pond
I am overtaken by a dream
that the marsh pond is still
when death is near
with feelings of joy and loneliness
A wild sort of reverie
with cormorants, marsh marigold
and dark woods
For a dream star
that sits on the eye of the 
   pond’s light
has awakened me to the 
of an early night
a winter’s night
The kind of darkness
which offers no escape

As I am awakened by the changing light
darkness slowly falls upon the still 
   marsh pond
and in a sudden sweep of wind
the willow surrenders its leaves
down to the earth
a sad weeping earth

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