Signs of the Apocalypse: Action Jesus

It’s almost too easy to make fun of Jesus kitsch, but if there were a Bulwer-Lytton Prize for the most delightfully awful representations of the J-Man, these statuettes at We Are Fishermen would win it. The hallmark of bad Jesus art is a belabored literalness that puts the big guy in situations that are anachronistic to the point of campiness. How will we know it’s Jesus unless he’s got the crown of thorns, the blissed-out smile and the white bathrobe? But dude…I know you have special healing powers, but you’re going to get seriously banged up if you fall off the motorcycle wearing that outfit.

This sacrilegious moment courtesy of MadPriest (who else?) who is looking for suggestions for items that would be banned from the Lambeth Conference gift shop. (The very existence of which is another Sign of the Apocalypse — come on, guys, good taste is the only thing the Anglican Church has left!)


Update: MadPriest’s equally mad commenters note that Ship of Fools has an extraordinary collection of links to tacky religious merchandise now on sale — enough to keep apocalypse-watchers busy for a long time. Armor of God pajamas? Alarm in a Crucifix? You laugh now, but don’t blame me when the Pale Horse and its Rider show up and you haven’t got a thing to wear.

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