Alegria Imperial: “Plea for a Poem”

Alegria included this poem in a comment below a recent post here, and I thought it was so beautiful that I wanted to make a separate post out of it. Enjoy, and happy holidays to all.

Plea for a poem

write me a poem
words to breathe in
even if only whispers
as shouts have turned
the air into a
hail storm

write me some rain
my heart crackles
in the drought longing
for words drenched in
thought to sip
in the dark

i yearn for verses
snipped from flame tips
words that dance
the fire of fallen angels
saved from their march
on dying coals

write me a song
cadenced in sunsets
tympanis of words
rising off the hum
of meanings
drums have flattened

give me back
poems shredded spirits
birth in caves midnights
cleansed poems howling wolves
hankering for stars

11 comments on “Alegria Imperial: “Plea for a Poem”

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