William “Wild Bill” Taylor: “Evil as a hop, skip and a jump”

Taking apart the body that brought me here,
the fourth trip behind the moon,
where stars multiply in the dead of winter
for those looking for meaning and signs
from an indifferent astrologer,

mother remarked that when they knocked
on our door,
the young men were the most handsome of men,
polite, muscular and smiling.

little children were playing in the streets
a hop, skip, and a jump from God’s thumb nail.

and when the nice SS men finally came
to take me away,
I was hiding in the freezer with the sausage,
and the chicken,
and that corpse that brought me to the moon.

One comment on “William “Wild Bill” Taylor: “Evil as a hop, skip and a jump”

  1. zhenimsja says:

    Hi, guy! I’m utterly agree with this way of thinking and all of joined.

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