“Fidelity” Video Puts a Human Face on Equal Marriage Rights

The Courage Campaign, one of the groups fighting for equal marriage rights to be restored in California, has posted dozens of beautiful photos of gay couples and their supportive friends and family members, saying “please don’t divorce us” to the California Supreme Court, which is currently deliberating on a legal challenge to Prop 8. Ken Starr, of Clinton/Lewinsky fame, has filed a brief in that case on behalf of the “Yes on 8” campaign, seeking to invalidate the 18,000+ same-sex marriages performed in California last year.

Now some of these images have been set to music in this poignant video featuring Regina Spektor’s song “Fidelity”:

I really think that a civilization is measured by the largeness of its moral imagination: its willingness to see the full humanity of every person, despite differences of class, race, gender, disability, and other accidents of unequal power. How will history judge us? How will it judge the church?