Poetry Videos from Naugatuck River Review

Naugatuck River Review is a handsomely produced and high-quality new journal of narrative poetry, based in nearby Westfield, MA. To celebrate the launch of their Winter 2010 issue, editor Lori Desrosiers organized a reading in Northampton last weekend with some three dozen poets, including the winners of their 2009 contest. The contest will reopen this summer, with nationally known poet and performer Patricia Smith as the final judge. Last year the top prize was $1,000. One of the nice things about this contest is that many finalists and semifinalists are also published.

Here are two short videos from the event, featuring Ellen LaFleche and myself. I’ll post more videos if I can get permission from the authors.

11 comments on “Poetry Videos from Naugatuck River Review

  1. Steve says:

    I am so glad I happened by to hear this. It’s great to hear aloud the poetry I’ve read from your chapbook. I haven’t read all of it yet (you know I savor things and store up treasures for later), but I knew the first and the last you read here… the images from Wolf Whistles had particularly stuck with me. I understand why you chose it for the reading. It’s a standout.

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