Memorial Day Song: “Grant Peace, O Lord”

This hymn was written by Welsh clergyman Charles Henrywood. See more of his contemporary lyrics for classic tunes at New Hymns in Old Clothes. Sing along at Mission St. Clare (The Daily Office).

Grant peace, O Lord, across our strife-torn world,
Where war divides and greed and dogma drive.
Help us to learn the lessons from the past,
That all are human and all pay the price.
All life is dear and should be treated so;
Joined, not divided, is the way to go.

Protect, dear Lord, all who, on our behalf,
Now take the steps that place them in harm’s way.
May they find courage for each task they face
By knowing they are in our thoughts always.
Then, duty done and missions at an end,
Return them safe to family and friends.

Grant rest, O Lord, to those no longer with us;
Who died protecting us and this their land.
Bring healing, Lord, to those who, through their service,
Bear conflict’s scars on body or in mind.
With those who mourn support and comfort share.
Give strength to those who for hurt loved-ones care.

And some there be who no memorial have;
Who perished are as though they’d never been.
For our tomorrows their today they gave,
And simply asked that in our hearts they’d live.
We heed their call and pledge ourselves again,
At dusk and dawn – we will remember them!

Mr. Henrywood says, “I’ve always believed that Remembrance should not be limited to the dead—important though that is. Neither should it be a vehicle for glorifying war. If we loved one another as commanded war would be just history. We don’t but that shouldn’t stop us asking for help to do so.” Read more about the inspiration for this hymn here.

5 comments on “Memorial Day Song: “Grant Peace, O Lord”

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  3. Xannon says:

    It’s spooky how clever some ppl are. Tanhks!

  4. Charles Henrywood says:

    Hi Jendie,
    Thank you for including my hymn, “Remembrance”, on your site. As you can imagine, it means a great deal to me.
    There is one point which needs correcting, though. I’m not a clergyman – just a volunteer who, with my wife, has some management responsibility for the Church in which we worship.
    By the way. Have you come across a website According to their Google entry headed “Grant Peace O Lord (Finlandia) this item is “Download OnlyDetailsCan be purchased as a download only! Go through the check out process and after your payment clears, you will be sent…” Unfortunately, the site is currently
    down for maintenance so I can’t get in touch with them to point out that when “Remembrance” is used in a memorial event or in aid of Armed Forces charities I have waived copyright. However, from the little I can see of the site and that of its parent organisation “Mind” neither of those conditions has been met so must conclude they are using my work for their personal gain. I shall keep trying to get in touch with them and, when successful, shall suggest that any money received should be passed on to a Veteran’s charity.

    Once again, my thanks.

    Best wishes

    Charles Henrywood
    Wales U.K.

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