Poemize the Patriarchy!

I’ve just begun reading Kathryn Joyce’s expose of evangelical doctrines about female submission, Quiverfull: Inside the Christian Patriarchy Movement. Simultaneously, I discovered the Random Poem Generator. The “poemized” ad copy for Vision Forum’s Heroines of Christ’s Kingdom Paper Doll Set reveals some interesting subtexts:

Doll voices inside list,
catalog mullins site bluebehemoth!
jackson two switch wrist,
an adams as behemoth.

Christ stock adelina six,
daughters stock older paper.
eliza shopping women fix,
calvin paper for taper.

Online god online six,
retail outlet reviews stock.
dolls wives anne fix,
regular jackson vision cock.

One comment on “Poemize the Patriarchy!

  1. I had some fun with the random poem generator that you blogged about — but no results as spectacular as yours..

    Here’s my favorite out of the poems I generated from my LGBT spirituality website JesusInLove.org:

    Cherry performance i draws,
    the tiresias she erotic!
    spirit written mollenkott laws,
    sexual be i aquatic.

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