Saturday Random Song: Mark Schultz, “What It Means to Be Loved”

Last night I was listening to the Christian pop channel on Slacker Internet radio while feeding baby Shane, and this song brought tears to my eyes. Parenting has compelled me to slow down and appreciate the present moment, because that’s the only kind of time that my baby knows. Like the lilies of the field, he doesn’t worry about tomorrow, as far as I can tell. As for me, there’s so much I can’t control or foresee, from “when will he wake me up next” (predictably, sometime between 2-4 AM) to “what kind of person will he become” (our goal is “happy and not evil”). As the song says, love means savoring the mere fact of his existence, right here and now.

2 comments on “Saturday Random Song: Mark Schultz, “What It Means to Be Loved”

  1. Jack Goodman says:

    Even cows know

    Newborn Calf

    The farmer looks
    with practiced eye
    at the newborn calf
    and assigns it
    its future based
    on genetics, gender,
    on conformation,
    even color –

    its mother accepts
    it without question,
    licks it to a
    soft shine and sings
    her worried song,
    amazed by its sheer presence.

  2. Jendi Reiter says:

    A perfect response – thank you, Jack.

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