“Julian’s Yearbook” Published in Chapter One Promotions Anthology

Back in 2008, I was excited to learn that my short story “Julian’s Yearbook”, featuring the protagonist of my endless novel, had won the Chapter One Promotions International Short Story Competition. You can read the first page here. Four years later, the long-awaited prizewinners’ anthology is now available for purchase. Titled Infinite, it features an evocative cover photo that complements my tale of a young man’s yearning for freedom and intimate connection.

Order a copy by mail using this form, or online here (more convenient for readers outside the UK).

One comment on ““Julian’s Yearbook” Published in Chapter One Promotions Anthology

  1. Congrats! I love your writing style in the first paragraphs. Although I personally don’t feel nostalgia for the noxious chemicals of the photo darkrooms of my early years in journalism… when we put more than our eyes at risk, as you say.

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